Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mile 446

The Chair of Simpson's Board of Trustees, Fred Hubbell, and his brother, Mike, prepare to lead the way on the final day's ride into Burlington. It has been great having Fred and Mike as members of Team Simpson for the entire week.

Once again, we were spoiled by our overnight hosts. In Mount Pleasant, Barb Gibson Kennedy '75 and her husband, Doug, extended a warm welcome to Team Simpson at their beautiful, historic home just two blocks from the town square. We camped under the canopy of the large trees in their yard and enjoyed the fresh-baked treats that Barb prepared for the team. The lemon bars really tasted great after a hard day's ride.

Today's ride promises to be an easy one with sunshine and a westerly wind on our ride east, all the ingredients for a great day of riding.

John Byrd

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