Monday, July 13, 2009

Indianola departure details...

Remember we would love to have your bike and gear on Friday, July 17, at 2 pm. The bike truck and gear truck will be in the southwest corner of the Hillman parking lot on the corner of Clinton and C streets. Please remove your bike pedals before we load your bike. We will have pedal wrenches on site if you do not have one. We will ask you to be responsible for your own pedals; we don’t want to mix them up! Please contact me if you have a non-traditional bike, such as a recumbent, tricycle or tandem. It will help our packing efforts.

Otherwise, we will see you at 10 am on Saturday, July 18. We expect the loading and packing process may take between two and three hours, so please plan to be patient as we want to make sure to handle everyone’s bike and gear with care. Departure from the Hillman Hall parking lot around 1 pm. A pizza lunch will be provided by the Simpson Alumni Office prior to departure. We will be distributing rider packets that will contain your daily maps and other information. Those of you, who are joining the team after Saturday, please check with Bob Lane or Kelley Bradder to get your rider packet.

We need to know if you will be leaving a car at Simpson while you are gone to make sure you have an appropriate parking pass for your car.

You may want to bring a book or reading material with you for the 2 -2 ½ hour trip to Council Bluffs.

So please take a minute and drop me an email at Let me know your parking needs and if you have a non-traditional bike. Your help will make our Saturday departure process go smoothly.

We will have two more blog posts before we depart: Indianola overnight details and Burlington departure information.

Happy packing!

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