Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Team riding around Indianola

I want to start some Team Simpson rides near Indianola. Best times for me to ride are early Saturday/Sunday mornings (7-12noon) or weekday mornings (8-12noon), but I could try to make other arrangements.
Good routes:
A. Meet at 165th and Kennedy Street (south of Marywood Farms) and ride south to Milo/Lacona/Chariton. This is a low traffic route, with rolling hills.
B. Meet at Imes Bridge in St. Charles and ride a loop out to Winterset/E. Peru/Truro. This is a low traffic route, with some bigger hills thrown in along the way. Extra mileage can be added with a trek through St. Mary's if needed.

Both of these routes work best with more than one rider, for safety.

Let me know if you want to join me. Come prepared: plenty of water/Gatorade, sunscreen, snacks, safety equipment, spare tubes/patch kit and a pump, etc. (I have been witness to too many flat tires in the past week!) There are no bike shops and few food stops nearby!


  1. I am leaving Simpson College around 8am Friday June 26th and heading to the Summerset Trail. Feel free to join us! Bring plenty of water/Gatorade.

  2. Sunday July 5th in the morning I would like to ride. Don't really care where just need someone to ride with. If you can email me at so we can find a place to meet.

  3. Is anyone riding Jackie's "Ride B" (beginning at Imes Bridge in St. Charles) this Saturday morning, July 11? I'd like to do some hill work and meet some of my fellow Team Simpson riders!

    -Paul Whipple

  4. 4 of us did the "ride B" on Thursday morning before the rain hit! We actually started it in Martinsdale, thru St. Mary's to St. Charles, etc. and back. It was a 53 mile loop. I highly recommend it for a training ride because it is very HILLY! I can't get away for a long ride this weekend because of some other obligations...have fun!